Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Principal's Welcome

At Oasis Academy Byron, we are ambitious for our children and their families and are driven by our moral purpose to ensure that everything we do has a positive impact on the children’s lives. We put the children at the heart of everything that we do and we are determined that our children will endeavour for excellence by taking pride and joy in their learning and themselves. For this to be achieved, we firmly believe that every child will be 'supported, valued, and challenged.'

We recognise that children learn most effectively through an enquiry based approach using first-hand experiences and this will be achieved through a broad and balanced curriculum with high quality teaching and learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. The Academy is committed to creating an open, supportive and collaborative culture aiming to develop a ‘learning organisation’ where both children and staff are valued and motivated to continue their learning.

We will not put a ceiling on what can be achieved and by working closely together and continuously improving our practice, we know that this can be possible for all our children and families.

The Academy provides a framework which intends to support and guide children in their development of self-discipline and self-esteem. We encourage relationships which are based upon respect and responsibility for each other, both within the Academy and the wider community. We have a commitment to inclusive education and work to maintain a high quality teaching environment for all our learners. We place a high value on establishing close links between home and school and aim to develop a partnership with parents in the all-round education of their children. This is provided in a well-resourced Academy that encourages creativity and co-operation and where individual efforts and talents are valued and celebrated.

Joanna Poplett