Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Reading and Phonics

Success for All Phonics (SFA) 

In Key Stage 1 children learn synthetic phonics using Success For All (SFA) phonics and their reading using the SFA Kinder Roots reading programme. In Reception children use the Story Book phonics programme to develop their phonics understanding.

The phonics scheme is a systematic, sequential program that makes learning fun, fast, and easy.  In addition to engaging instruction, pupils have daily opportunities to practice working on phonemic skills and strategies and apply what was learned when reading phonetically regular text. We aim to develop confident, independent, strategic readers that are prepared for KS1 and KS2 and beyond.

Academy Approach to Reading

We are an Oasis Best Practice Academy for Reading!

It is vital that children develop a love of reading from an early age and are exposed to a wide range of rich and varied vocabulary. In Reception children use the helicopter story approach to language and story telling which helps to support their vocabulary development.

From Reception upwards we use the Coloured Book Band books which are linked to the phonics phases and support the children as their reading develops. These extend up into Key Stage 2 so that children have access to appropriate level reading books. Children are also able to select from books in the class reading area.

At our academy we have created a Reading for Pleasure Policy which is implemented throughout the school. Stage one of this policy involves the 5, 6, 10 model. This means that our children start by reading for 5 minutes, six days a week for 10 weeks. this is then increased as they progress in their learning and throughout their time at school. 

We identify key margins between reading abilities and take a flexible approach to setting goals and choosing books to help each and every one of our students progress and reach their potential. This is a real personalised learning approach. We also ensure that the children understand this and feel included in this approach, and therefore confident and enthused about their learning. 

We also employ additional support 2 days a week to further support each of our pupils. By doing this we can really identify gaps in knowledge and understanding and share best practice and innovation as a family of staff. 

Teachers model enthusiasm for books, discuss word choice and plot at Byron. This helps to improve  children’s comprehension of the story and their vocabulary even if the book being read is beyond their ability. Moreover, reading areas developed to promote a love of reading.