Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Reading and Phonics

Success for All/Storytime Phonics

In Key Stage 1 children learn synthetic phonics using Success For All (SFA) phonics and their reading using the SFA Kinder Roots reading programme. In Reception children use the Story Book phonics programme to develop their phonics understanding.

The children are grouped by stage and have a 45 minute reading session 4 days a week. For the early readers this encompasses a phonics session which works from Phase 1 phonics through to Stage 5. The children begin each session with a chosen sound. They practice this through rhyming and flashcards. They then read a 'story' which repeats the sound in real words. These words will be recognised by the children. 

As well as applying their phonics knowledge, each story will have comprehension questions to assess their understanding of what they have read. The text remains the same for the 4 days of each week, allowing the children to become familiar with it – building up to understanding the higher order comprehension questions.

As the children become more confident, the books progress in difficulty until they reach phase 6 phonics. They then move to ‘real’ books. The children focus on spellings of words that will be found in the story they are reading. The children will read part of the story for 3 days, answering comprehension questions in pairs to discuss the story and show their understanding. On the final day, the children re read the whole text and independently answer comprehension questions.

The phonics scheme is a systematic, sequential program that makes learning fun, fast, and easy.  In addition to engaging instruction, pupils have daily opportunities to practice working on phonemic skills and strategies and apply what was learned when reading phonetically regular text. We aim to develop confident, independent, strategic readers that are prepared for KS1 and KS2 and beyond.