Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Public Consultation - Lower Age


Oasis Academy Byron is an all-inclusive academy driven by a powerful ethos aspiring to treat everyone equally whilst delivering a holistic education and have been rated by Ofsted as outstanding.  Our academy is part of a large family of primary, secondary and all through academies across England.

We're excited to share with you that Oasis Community Learning has been working with London Borough of Croydon and the Department for Education on the proposed changes to increase the lower age limit to include children from 2 years onwards.

The academy is home to the Mulberry Bush Preschool, rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted.   The Mulberry Bush Preschool is led by dedicated staff that are passionate about creating a nurturing is currently run by Oasis Community Partnerships. Mulberry Bush has a strong and committed staff team who have worked hard to create a warm, welcoming and outstanding provision for all children. 

Our proposal, with agreement from the Mulberry Bush Trustee Board, is for the preschool to join Oasis Academy Byron, bringing the nursery and wraparound care into the Oasis Community Learning family. 

The main benefits of this proposal are:

  • Oasis Community Learning has developed Early Years Best Practice guidance, which has received extremely positive feedback in numerous Ofsted inspections in other nurseries across the trust.  This best practice will be embedded, at an early age, building on the expertise and knowledge of current nursery staff.
  • The ability to identify additional needs as early as possible ensuring all children have the support that they need in preparation for their admission to primary school - admissions to Oasis Academy Byron Primary academy are subject to standard admission criteria.
  • By joining Oasis Academy Byron the preschool can share operational costs, helping to improve financial stability in the future.
  • Free school meals for eligible nursery children
  • Guarantee of teacher led provision supported by the existing highly qualified staff team.

Oasis Community Learning will be working closely with staff and families to ensure they are kept informed and supported throughout the project to join the preschool with the academy.

As part of this project, Oasis Community Learning will refurbish the nursery and wraparound care facilities. With dedicated spaces and facilities, the preschool can admit up to 34 (2-year-olds) and 39 (3- to 4-year-olds).

We are extremely proud to be welcoming Mulberry Bush Preschool into our academy and becoming part of our family. It’s a great opportunity for children to join our academy from an earlier age to benefit from teacher-led nursery provision, develop new skills and make friends ahead of starting school.

Please be rest assured that the project to join Mulberry Bush Preschool with Oasis Academy Byron will not impact on our students’ learning, classrooms, or indoor and outdoor spaces.

Your feedback is important to us, and we welcome your views on the proposed changes. Complete our survey HERE or fill out the form below.